Our first batch of Cuban Honey is sourced from selected beekeepers from the Province of Matanzas which straddles Cuba from the North to South coasts in the West Central area of the island.

The people of Matanzas Province, Los Matanceros, will tell you that the region is the birthplace of honey production in Cuba. The World History of Beekeeping and Honey Hunting shows that there were a reported 1500 hives in Matanzas as early as 1796 ! Today the locals are proud to say that their honey is the best and most flavoursome on the island.

The northern Caribbean coastal area is lined with ports and bays while the northern half of the province are low lying agricultural plains. The Southern area contains low-lying wetlands and includes the Cienaga de Zapata, a wonderful Cuban National Park and proposed World Heritage Site. Covering 2300 square miles the park encompasses prairies, forests, blue-water beaches, rivers and lakes. It is one of the most extensive remnants of coastal Caribbean biodiversity left in the region. Across the region sugarcane and hemp are the major crops although much of the land is used for small scale and subsistence agriculture, including some cattle raising. The region has a huge diversity of plants and flowers.

The Province of Matanzas