Our 100% Cuban honey is produced at a very local level on small farms and holdings where beekeeping traditions have been handed down through generations.

Cuban honey is from a natural and ecologically pure environment with exceptionally low levels of pollution. Cuban farming is generally small scale, low intensity farming, where there is little or no use of pesticides or fertilisers. Cuba has a privileged climate with a rich and abundant range of flowers.

Honey from the Province of Matanzas

Our first batch of Cuban Honey is sourced from selected beekeepers from the Province of Matanzas which straddles Cuba from the North to South coasts in the West Central area of the island. The people of Matanzas Province, Los Matanceros, will tell you that the region is the birthplace of honey production in Cuba. The World History of Beekeeping and Honey Hunting says that there were a reported 1500 hives in Matanzas as early as 1796 ! Today the locals are proud to say that their honey is the best and most flavoursome on the island.

Cuban beekeepers are skilled and valued members of local communities and their honey is harvested for local consumption particularly in drinks and for use in natural remedies and medicinal products. It is still used widely on the island today in a variety of medical treatments.

Today in some communities and in some regions using honey as food, in drinks, and as a health supplement, is becoming increasingly popular